Activities of St. Augustine Parish, Bay, Laguna, Philippines


Specialization, may I used the word to describe the purpose of making another blog especifically to the activities of the parish of St. Augustine. My personal blog is becoming unorganized and untidy because all of the activities are being “dumb” there. Surely they are part of my activities as the parish priest. But, ther are some reflection of which I would like to concentrate there so that the readers will not be “annoyed” or entertained of which is not the very purpose of the said blog. Staring today, all activities of the parish or of which the parish ( any of its organizations) is involved will be posted here.


This is to present the life of the parish not only to parishioners to encourage the faithful, the catholic faithful to participate in the parish activities to enhance our faith experience and to be able to feel the community life. Faith is not only a personal relationship with God, it is also communal. Remember, Jesus had told us that if there are two or more who gather in his name, he is in the midst of them.


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